What is that vine??!!


Introducing the amazing and fabulous Mina lobata, otherwise known as Firecracker Vine or Spanish Flag. The question of the day at the Ithaca Farmer’s Market last Saturday (and for the last two months) was “What IS that?!” and who could pretend not to notice the humongous vine forming a curtain around our booth and up to the roof, and snaking across to our neighbor, Leslie’s, booth as well? It is a sight to drink in and savor before the first frigid night turns our Mina to compost….

Mina lobata is a relative of the Morning Glory that is also an annual, loves sun, and can grow 20 feet tall in a short growing season. We planted a little pot of Mina on each post of our booth with a wire leading up the post for support and off it went! From a July planting (so late!) we had giant green vines in August, but no flowers until almost September. Since then this vine has earned its name, exploding with more and more flowers each week. Thankfully we’ve had a warm fall without much frost but soon the real cold will arrive and our Mina will be gone until we replant next year. Let’s not forget to collect the seeds!



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